Loft Inspiration

The loft was kind of an afterthought.  I knew I wanted the kids to have their own area, but since we have a gigantic basement, I initially just thought we would put a big playroom down there.  However, I’m so glad we went this route! I love that I can see them playing and keep an eye and ear on them while I’m in the kitchen or basically from anywhere in the house.

They love having their own space and play up there allll the time.  Hank has already figured out how to climb between the cables though, so I’m not sure how long this will last… and since I asked Big John about whether or not he reads my posts last night and he reassured me that he doesn’t even know what a blog is, I can share with you guys without fear of him killing me – that I would LOVE to change out our staircase for a more victorian farmhouse, traditional spindle look!  Honestly, the cable and post design was a last minute thing that happened because we had the wrong materials delivered, and no more room in the budget or time to wait for new posts and eveything to come in. Oh, the joys of self-contracting.

Something like this is what I had in mind originally….timeless and beautiful!


But that’s a ways down the project list!!

It’s a pretty big space with lots of room for activities, but right now its basically a blank canvas.  Which is so exciting!  I love organization, so I definitely want to do some kind of toy storage along the wall and keep the middle as open as possible.  And I’m loving this wall here from @thedowntownaly.


Since you can see the whole space from the lower level, I do want it to flow with the rest of the house – but also be really fun and whimsical for them.

How precious is this?!? My babes love playing house, grocery shopping, and all things mom life basically.  I’ve found that its so much easier to teach them when we make games out of our lessons.  And lots of that goes down in the kitchen because thats where I spend all of my time.  I’m not sure where to find a super cute kids kitchen like this though!


Ok, just kidding – google, thank you.  And Ikea, you just keep doing you.  Look at this DUTKIG play kitchen!  Adorable, and only $99!



I’m thinking this may have to wait until the fall after our outdoor projects are finished.  But that should give me lots of time to plan and search for treasures.  In the mean time, what are your favorite play area features?  I’m taking notes!




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