How I Make My Business Work For Me

Confession: I have a major obsession with pinning inspirational quotes.  My sister and I actually have a joint Pinterest board for 2018 inspiration where we can pin so hard and get all motivationally jacked up to go out and do our ideas and aspirations.

I just love that there are so many people out there finding new ways to develop systems and processes that make their success come peacefully and with purpose – and then being courageous and generous enough to share the words, thoughts, and prayers that motivate them to do so!!  I also love sharing what works for me and inspires me.

It’s been almost two years since I began my journey in the whole food business industry.  And in the time since I’ve started my business I’ve tried almost every marketing and networking strategy out there, read lots of books, gone to trainings, followed others who have been successful in the industry, done things that were outside of my comfort zone, and found a whole lot of what doesn’t work for me.  Which in turn has led me to find what truly does work for me in this stage of my life – what gives me passion and purpose in my business.

Maybe it’s totally different from what will work for you, but I hope that in sharing my current routine and flow, it inspires you to take a hard look at your business, and ask yourself if you’re daily method of operations allows you to be authentic, brave, and effective while giving you a sense of peace, time ownership, and purpose.


I am NOT the message…

I’ll admit, when I first started diving into the extensive clinical research behind our products, my nurse brain freaked! I was so, so excited about the quality and purity of both product and research that I wanted to share. it. alllllll.  Which is not a bad thing.  I’m still just as, or even more excited about those things today.  But what I didn’t understand early on was that I didn’t need to be an expert on the products to sell them, or be a pro at the business to grow a team.

The company has already done that.

And they’ve given us reps a mountain of official – super legit – resources like short videos, brochures, and a personal website that answer prospects’ questions way better than I can.  So, two years ago, my response to a simple question like:

“What is Juice Plus?”

…probably would have been a 6 paragraph novel going into the history, price, research, ingredient list, my personal story, my first dog’s name, where I went to high school, the color of my first car, etc., etc.  HOLY SHIZ.  Talking for an hour is an excellent way to scare people off.

Now, I’d answer the same question…..with another question:

“Let me ask you this, what do you already know about it?”

This gives me an idea of where to go from there, and if they say: “nothing”, we have an awesome youtube channel with 2-3 minute videos that will cover the basics and open up the floor for any further questions.  I send the video, and then follow up.  Done!!  Short, sweet, effective, and professional.

In other scenarios I might invite someone to an interesting event or something where the pressure isn’t on me to say all the right things, third party validation is my favorite.  Pressure is not.

I am the messenger, not the message.

I honor MY pace & don’t compare my journey to others

One of the cool things about this industry is that you can start at the bottom and get to the top very quickly.  Building a substantial paycheck in a short amount of time is possible.  But possible doesn’t mean easy.  The faster you want to go, the more time and energy you will have to invest.

I have three little kids and a husband.  And being present for them is a big part of my why.  I don’t feel called to do anything all the time right now, because being a mom and wife is already a 24/7 job.  Anything that places pressure on me, boils over onto them and my husband.

So, right now, my number is about 5.  Maximum. Maximum.  Five hours a week is what I am willing to devote to my business.  This means I know I won’t be breaking any company records or doubling or tripling my paycheck every couple of weeks.

And that is ok.

My pace has allowed me to contribute substantially to our income and step away from a (super cool!) job that just didn’t fit our schedule, because this business model is made for busy people who want a side gig or to build a residual income for retirement or vacations.  The ideal prospect probably already has a lot going on.  So we want success and growth to be possible on a very part time (but consistent!!) basis.  Consistency is key.

Whatever your number is: maybe its one hour a week, maybe ten, you get to choose.  So I encourage you to choose a number that brings you peace, allows you to live in your purpose in this role, and aligns with the monetary goals you set.  Your mentor can help you figure out what this equation will look like for you!

Pressure and busy-ness are not ok for me

Welp, my point here is pretty self-explanatory.  I am a mom.  Of little ones.  My goal is to live a slow and rich life while they are little, soaking in the small, ordinary, and extraordinary moments. When it comes to my businesses, I like a lot of space, love, and permission to be me and allow my mind, body, and spirit the grace and rest they need.  All of my to-do’s are “get to’s” not “have to’s” which is definitely a mind set thing.  SO……

…..I say NO a lot

In any business or company or endeavor there are going to be opportunities galore to learn and grow yourself and your business.

You do not have to and should not even try to do them all.

Remember, there are people from all walks who are attracted to the mobile business model.  Stay at home moms, college students, corporate America, investors, current business owners, people looking for something to dive into, looking for community, or just looking to be a part of something bigger that matters.

Just choose one or two things that appeal to you and challenge you, and do them well!  Maybe that is going to events, maybe its participating in online calls, maybe its reading and personal growth (raises hand), maybe its coffee dates and building community, maybe its blogging or posting on social media.  Figure out what makes you feel good, what you’re good at or want to be good at, and commit to it.

My two consistent yes’s are sharing my story and investing in personal growth.

I know its not for everyone

Not everyone wants what I am selling or doing, or even buys into why I believe in it.  My job is simply to share what I do and why I do it, ask questions, and pray for a heart that wants the best for others.  My job is not to convince anyone of anything.  Knowing this releases me from any pressure or agenda.

I know God made us to live a life of vitality.  I know eating a diet rich in whole foods is a very big part of that.  I know that less than 10% of people actually eat this way.  And I know of a way that has been proven to bridge that gap and has helped my family.  I also know that what a person eats or invests in or wears or drinks or does is really none of my business.

Because I know these things, I can share confidently with people without any expectation.

What is it that you know that gives you the confidence to share boldly without concern of rejection or failure?  Focus on that!  And then release yourself from any pressure.  It’s easier said than done, and has taken me time, humility, and prayer….a process that will be a lifelong journey….but the life lesson along the way is a great one!

We will be completely humble and gentle; be patient and speak the truth in love, growing in every way more and more like Christ, because it is dangerous to be concerned with what others think of you, but if you trust the Lord, you are safe. Ephesians 4:2,15 & Proverbs 29:25

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