Five Year Farmhouse Payoff Plan

I didn’t plan on writing this kind of content.

But then again, I don’t generally plan too much of anything if it has the potential to limit me creatively.  Ya know?

I have mixed feelings about public declarations of intent.  I mean, actions are where its at and speak so, so much louder than words.  However, I do believe there are times the Lord convicts us and prompts us to share those convictions within supportive communities to hold us accountable!  And I’m really feeling it on this one….

Last week, my team was blessed with a private breakthrough retreat featuring Tony Robbins right hand gal – Loren Lahav.  I’m a personal growth junkie and left feeling pretty jazzed all around.  There were many, many takeaways that I’ll continue to reflect upon and tie into prayer moving forward, but I’m going to share just the one that pertains to this post with you today.

Making Public Commitments.  Ehhhhhhhhhh.  Here’s why not to do it:  What if you fail?  What if everyone thinks you’re dumb?  What if you fail?  What if everyone thinks your dumb?  Oh, and last but not least….what if you fail?

So – I can think of a boatload of really good, inspiring reasons TO do it occasionally when you’re truly convicted – but that one little nagging thing called fear of failure/rejection is basically there – in my face, saying don’t do it!!!!

But….fear is a liar.  It tells us what we CAN’T do.  And aids us gladly in sticking to our comfort zones and identity in order to sabotage the things that will truly bring freedom and happiness.

So today, I’m saying a big ol’ F YOU to fear of failure on this and breaking down my debt payoff plan for you guys….publicly…because I really, really want this.  Way more than any “thing.”

I want it because it just feels wrong having it.  I want it because my husband doesn’t get paid time off and if he doesn’t show up to work – we feel it!  Whereas I can choose when and how to show up.  I want it to model a better way for our kids.  To give us more freedom and options long-term.  To respect the way the Holy Spirit is convicting me.  To inspire my team to be fearless in the pursuit of what sets their heart on fire!!! Whether its paying debt, creating more time freedom, traveling, adventuring, or whatever their own unique calling is.


Starting Balance

$338,550.90.  My suburban comprises just a small percentage of that and was a good buy for us at 0% for 60.  The farmhouse makes up the rest.  That’s it – two loans – one big sum.

Since our debts aren’t complex I just downloaded the Debt Payoff Planner app on my iPhone to track and plan our payoff.

Currently, our monthly payment on debts totals to $2,740.81 without paying any extra principle.

I knew I wanted to focus on a five year plan, but part of that plan includes continuing to increase my income to fund the additional principal.  So, what does it look like to pay off $338,550.90 over the next 5 years?

$3,500 in additional principal.   Meaning that if I increase my paycheck by $3,500.00 and put every penny of it toward our debt, I can pay it ALL off….in FIVE years.  Friends.  There are tears in my eyes as I type this.  My precious husband who busts his ass day in and day out at work, supports and encourages my every hope and dream, watches me grow a business that I LOVE, eats vegetables when I put them on his plate, plays on the floor with our kids, loves me unconditionally…..I want to do this for him.  Oh, and our kids.  They’re pretty special too.


Well, I’ve broken down the dollar amount.   But how do I add $3,500 to my monthly income…like…by the end of 2018?

Thankfully, the company I’m partnered with doesn’t have an income cap or acceleration limit.  You can earn as much as you want, as fast or slow as you want.  The pace is self-driven (no quotas or deadlines because pressure is so last decade.)

So, it’s all up to me.  Well, and my amazing team of leaders and partners who each have their own goals.

There’s the strategy end where you actually calculate the numbers you’d like to hit – and then grow your team accordingly.

And then the theory end – of…how do you grow your team?

Strategy: Support 12 new or existing team members in achieving the level of “Qualified Business” (a.k.a. cultivate a customer base of 24 individuals and serve them well). That’s it!!  I get to do what I love in inspiring healthy living and mentoring 12 awesome babes or dudes or couples in building a qualified business and I’ve met my debt payoff goal of increasing my income by $3500.00/mo.  I’m pumped!!! Because each dollar made here directly reflects the amount of lives being impacted by whole food nutrition – talk about motivation!

Theory:  I know loads and loads of awesome people who could benefit from better health, time and financial freedom, purpose, residual income, community, lifelong learning, and fun with an amazing team.  And there are way more people out there who fit this bill that I don’t know!  So how to connect?

Now, there are many ways to skin a cat – but this is just me :).  I love to connect by sharing my story, our journey, who we are, what we believe, what we’re interested in, what we struggle with and want to grow in, and what we dream of.  It doesn’t even feel like work. Just making genuine connections in Insta or FB.  I also love being the coffee shop queen.  When I admire and respect someone and just have that desire to collaborate with them – I reach out and ask!  “Hey, you’re awesome!  I’m not sure if this is for you – but will you meet me for coffee so we can talk more?!”  The main point here is this:  Working with other people has absolutely nothing to do with my goals, and everything to do with theirs.   So, my job is just to partner with those who have their own goals and support them in reaching them!  #bettertogether

Ha.  Rocket science.  Guys I’m pretty basic.  I just love what I do and love paying it forward.  That’s all.  That’s the plan!  And now that I’ve shared it publicly, you guys better hold me to it! 😉

And now that you’ve read this and you may be thinking of your goals – you better DM me and we can both hold each other to them! 😉 Have a great week!!

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  1. Stephanie,
    I love and appreciate this raw and honest look at the financial side of life. Oftentimes things look so easy but they’re not easy but they are doable with some planning and some gumption! You and I are so similar and I know that because of reading your writings! Thank you for sharing! You’ve got this and I’m happy to help you go for it if you ever need anything from me! I am also looking to create similar outcomes, maybe we should meet and plan together sometime!


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